I Bought A Private Island

13 aug. 2020
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I spent so much money buying this island, please subscribe lol
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  • “Last To Leave Island Keeps It” GOES UP ON SATURDAY! Who do you think won it?

    MrBeastMrBeast9 maanden geleden
    • Lonely sandwich gave u it

      bambi mirandabambi miranda4 dagen geleden
    • noone

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ19 dagen geleden
    • chanler

      Kelton AydtKelton Aydt19 dagen geleden
    • Chandler because I love him he is the best I haven’t watched it yet but I will watch it I think it’s going to be Chandler

      One Giant WeebOne Giant Weeb2 maanden geleden
    • hello beast

      jc fortinjc fortin2 maanden geleden
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    John LavvasJohn Lavvas31 minuut geleden
  • How are you feeling with your next upcoming island with lonely sandwich?

    pointlesschannelpointlesschannel39 minuten geleden
  • i want to go on that island and also shut the f**k up

    Stephanie BrownStephanie BrownUur geleden
  • And bananas Karl banna

    Zachary MorganZachary MorganUur geleden
  • We need more oink bois.

    TheBlueDragon508TheBlueDragon5082 uur geleden
  • Was it louder from the flare gun?

    chris northchris north3 uur geleden
  • never knew chandler died at 8

    Mohammed Al RobiaiMohammed Al Robiai4 uur geleden
  • MR. beast can you send me a ps 5 plz

  • Hey dude Can I join

    Matthew MozoMatthew Mozo6 uur geleden
    • Umm.... this was 9 months ago and he gave the island away

      Rhino ManRhino Man5 uur geleden
  • Guys I found chandler is ostrige

    Margarita MoralesMargarita Morales6 uur geleden
  • good rules tyler hahahahaha

    Sandra DempseySandra Dempsey8 uur geleden
  • ...read more

    Bartlett KidsBartlett Kids9 uur geleden
  • "it's perfect for cuddling" -karl

    Morgan HoneyMorgan Honey9 uur geleden
  • I am ur new subscriber

    Queen of diversityQueen of diversity12 uur geleden
  • Mrbeast is fascinating

    Queen of diversityQueen of diversity12 uur geleden
  • this guy is really cool

    Eder EspaldonEder Espaldon13 uur geleden
  • Did you buy it from that youtuber

    Saheli DasSaheli Das13 uur geleden
  • Me beast: don’t send this to madly Me: what the fuck

    Landon ReinageLandon Reinage13 uur geleden
  • 🏖🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑

    Anne FernandezAnne Fernandez14 uur geleden
  • India is my region Conquer is my destination Uc is my imagination You are my inspiration

    Vihaan Bhandare How to make paper fatakaVihaan Bhandare How to make paper fataka16 uur geleden
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    Cooking ParkerCooking Parker18 uur geleden
  • Mrbeast 6 years ago : Razer Can I have My 75 dollars back Mrbeast 70 years after : buying razer to get my 75 back

    Rafan TECHRafan TECH18 uur geleden
  • im a free man time to eat some weenies

    poggiespoggies19 uur geleden
  • bro airrack stole your island

    kyruz quintanakyruz quintana19 uur geleden
  • The loud window jointly file because account intrinsically imagine plus a boundless barge. juvenile, swift evening

    Daryl KellyDaryl Kelly19 uur geleden
  • Wow 🤩

    Nishant KarNishant Kar20 uur geleden
  • 5:41. Ahahahahha

    lilyflower2005lilyflower200520 uur geleden
  • Never night swim, trust me I almost died, I got stung by a jellyfish

    Rayzel CortzRayzel Cortz23 uur geleden
  • the islands HUGE and also what else are u gonna do with it?

    Bernard So KuaBernard So Kua23 uur geleden
  • I love how Karl got stung by a jellyfish and tried to go back in the water.

    tubbos beetubbos beeDag geleden
  • So it’s basically Attack On Titan but less complicated

    NeonZNeonZDag geleden
  • ah, yes, of course, chanler was born in 2012, wait that means I am older than him!

    Opeten5Opeten5Dag geleden
  • Mr beast and Karl: cuddling Mr Beast: don’t tell this to maddie Me: what if i did

    Erica KimErica KimDag geleden
  • "night swimming is cancelled" by Karl Jacobs

    Justine TrudeauJustine TrudeauDag geleden
  • Can i join your challenges please I want money even know I’m seven please

    Guadalupe RojasGuadalupe RojasDag geleden
  • "BANANA!'" by Karl Jacobs

    Justine TrudeauJustine TrudeauDag geleden
  • "Holy cow!" by Karl Jacobs

    Justine TrudeauJustine TrudeauDag geleden
  • "are there pigs in this island?" by Karl Jacobs

    Justine TrudeauJustine TrudeauDag geleden
  • 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐😍😍😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Leo WalesLeo WalesDag geleden

    amelia heilmannamelia heilmannDag geleden
  • Imagine that You had a house in the island

    Michelle HouMichelle HouDag geleden
  • I don't even have a dog or a cat Mr beast🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zuha SarahZuha SarahDag geleden
  • Karl:Lays on Mr Beast Mr Beast: ???????

    SuggglyPlayzSuggglyPlayzDag geleden
  • offff what have you done

    andKING gamingandKING gamingDag geleden
  • Is that from lonely sandwich

    Allen Anderson BrionesAllen Anderson BrionesDag geleden
  • 24 I was on the island

    林寶玉林寶玉Dag geleden
  • Hello . It's beautiful scenery.

    Ratha ChornRatha ChornDag geleden
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    John NdasJohn NdasDag geleden
  • In 2069: "I Bought The Solar System!"

    Creeper 021Creeper 021Dag geleden
  • Mr beast you we're awake at 12:00 so i was the same

    Ice MangulabnanIce MangulabnanDag geleden
  • 2:20

    Mantong WeiMantong WeiDag geleden
  • 2:20

    Mantong WeiMantong WeiDag geleden
  • Seeing Karl petting a baby pig is everything 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Eri-chan LoveEri-chan LoveDag geleden

    KarinJr DKarinJr DDag geleden
  • oh i just noticed he published this on my birthday last year

    Joseph FrostmanJoseph Frostman2 dagen geleden
  • I am starting watching your vids!

    Enoh79Enoh792 dagen geleden
  • The fact that he bought an island and named it Jeff so he can do the meme

    Stranger With candyStranger With candy2 dagen geleden
  • Mr beast where is da island

    Banana Buttacup13Banana Buttacup132 dagen geleden
  • 6:22 Uh

    Damoomoo_PlaysDamoomoo_Plays2 dagen geleden
  • NGUbIMM. I’M IGNORANT to IGIv..??..Good

    NG GhxstNG Ghxst2 dagen geleden
  • "Wait chandler, what if we find an ostrich???" "I'll take it home"

    Firestorm895 LiveFirestorm895 Live2 dagen geleden
  • "Wait chandler, what if we find an ostrich???" "I'll take it home"

    Firestorm895 LiveFirestorm895 Live2 dagen geleden
  • To Support MrBeast And MrBeast Gaming

    DragonCity GamerDragonCity Gamer2 dagen geleden
  • Mr beast: DONT show this to Maddie! *literally sends to the whole world*

    ElyssaElyssa2 dagen geleden
  • The repulsive driver intriguinly telephone because july astonishingly suggest vice a nippy climb. spotted, obtainable lyre

    ASDsa ASdASDsa ASd2 dagen geleden
  • He bought cayo perico

    Roan OudshoornRoan Oudshoorn2 dagen geleden
  • hahaha.karl did a good job for the map🤣

    Rommel NimoRommel Nimo2 dagen geleden
  • This guy is insane😱

    mighty gunnermighty gunner2 dagen geleden
  • Am your biggest fan hi

    Kylie BevanKylie Bevan2 dagen geleden
  • Filipino subscriber here

    elxian zacharia santoselxian zacharia santos2 dagen geleden
  • Karl hugging jimmy Me hugging my bolster

    Giovana HadinataGiovana Hadinata2 dagen geleden
  • Or I Heard Chandler Said GoOoOooOoOoOo Or NOoOoOOoOooOooOoOoO

    Yourlocal_ Crazy womanYourlocal_ Crazy woman2 dagen geleden
  • I Heard Chandler Said AhHhHhHhhHhHhHhH

    Yourlocal_ Crazy womanYourlocal_ Crazy woman2 dagen geleden
  • Heyyy love y’all and Karl is so cute

    Mackenzie NaultMackenzie Nault3 dagen geleden

    Dinny PastDinny Past3 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad Karl

    NoeliamontesNoeliamontes3 dagen geleden
  • Cute pig’s

    Baby yodaBaby yoda3 dagen geleden
  • was this from lonley sandwich

    Roblox GamaRoblox Gama3 dagen geleden
  • Heyo mr beast! So did you know that your island is the territory of usa? Its called “guam”.

    Tamara DarszonTamara Darszon3 dagen geleden
  • One question: *WHERE?*

    Rob GyanisuRob Gyanisu3 dagen geleden
    • Golding cay the Bahamas

      Ghosts SquadGhosts Squad3 dagen geleden
  • Best youtuber in the universe.longlive .mrBeast

    Bisayang RaiderBisayang Raider3 dagen geleden
  • The island was worth to buy

    Zayed KhanZayed Khan3 dagen geleden
  • Hi mr beast just say hi back to me I am your subscriber

    Anston A sampsonAnston A sampson3 dagen geleden
  • Where is this Island ???

    TrequestedTrequested3 dagen geleden
    • Golding cay the Bahamas

      Ghosts SquadGhosts Squad3 dagen geleden
  • Me I won it that beach was the best place Ever its896.007 Dollers that it looks soooooo cool want kind of island is this called

    creppy Mickey Mouse Kingdomcreppy Mickey Mouse Kingdom3 dagen geleden
  • Where is this Island

    TrequestedTrequested3 dagen geleden
  • Jeffstein islad

    Patrik the shitpost manPatrik the shitpost man3 dagen geleden
  • Mrbeast I know you didn't buy it

    Idris AlawiIdris Alawi3 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍

    Kyun bataaoonKyun bataaoon3 dagen geleden
  • Revr Rpa Doat

    mohmadflame Mmmohmadflame Mm3 dagen geleden
  • Vnvhbhcmvbbj

    Leab ChanthidaLeab Chanthida3 dagen geleden

    hvxlihvxli3 dagen geleden
  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Mrbeast : Buys a island British empire : Hippity Hoppity this is now bri'ish property :)

    Comrade Ivan [ Historical Recordings ]Comrade Ivan [ Historical Recordings ]3 dagen geleden
  • hi

    Wolf nightmareWolf nightmare3 dagen geleden
  • You should make a house on the island of wood

    Nitu ThakurNitu Thakur3 dagen geleden
  • MrBeast is real life El Rubio

    SulejmoneySulejmoney3 dagen geleden
  • I must have a pig:)

    katie w.katie w.3 dagen geleden
  • You bought? Wait didn’t lonely sandwich buy it?

    Ariana JusticeAriana Justice3 dagen geleden