I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

27 mrt. 2021
82 616 304 Weergaven

This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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  • Seeing him in the grave makes me hard to breath

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  • lol my grandma is doing this for two years now

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  • *mr beast go brr brr *

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  • This is so crazy

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  • I am claustrophobic so I’m just going to go right now so bye

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  • I think this one was too dangerous.

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  • mr u do some dumb things but we love u for it

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  • Jimmy my brother said that your now 23

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  • You should do it for a week but build a mansion underground

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  • your crazzy but your cool anyways

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  • jimmy got the hacksmith flamethrower

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  • Pathetic my great grandparents have spent 12 year or more

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  • imagin the coffin breaked 🙂

  • that was crazy

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  • I can jimmy actually stay on earth air for 50 hours

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  • Pretty sure Jimmy is sad that every time he does one of these xNumber of hours that Jimmy experiences videos it dominates with view charts. I'm waiting for him and Elon Musty to Collab and do a 48hrs on a satellite.

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  • Jimmy:can you google if its being bury alive is safe while there is tornado Karl:Hot russian singles in our area Chandler:heyyyyyyyyy

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  • Man what you eat boye

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  • this is how many times people abused the walkie talkie 👇

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  • 6:48 ey lets keep digging durring this timelaps hahahahahaha LOL😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • מי שישראלי שיעשה לי לייק!

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  • How he got oxygen

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  • *Literally buried alive* Pick up camera with toes ''that was the coolest thing ive ever done''

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  • Jimmy the beast does so many heart warming stuff for people, but buries himself alive, so he can cry. Priceless...

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  • My dad did this challenge for 6 months straight now, he's so hardcore

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    • @basketcomedyball gaming k tysm for telling me Btw I subbed to ur channel you also upload Minecraft vids?

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  • Did my man forget to taze them?

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  • Did my man forget to taze them?

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  • There wont be oxygen.

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  • Karl is so cute

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  • Jimmy

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  • You should’ve played buried alive by advenged sevenfold as you was being buried

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  • Absolutely love Karl

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  • Where are you getting oxygen ?

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  • my grandma has been doing this challenge for 30 years

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  • - given away million dollars - bought many cars and houses - bought an island *picks up camera with leg "coolest thing i have ever done"

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  • Mrbeast: You guys can change the colors of these things Chandler turning it off Mrbeast: Oh there off.

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  • Where did u toilet

  • AIR?

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  • when he was crying i felt so bad for him that must be so terrifying

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  • That'a disturbinggg man

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  • Can anyone think how many waki -toki they destroy

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